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6th Annual Race for Recovery to benefit PAL

My son Sean and I will take on the challenging hike of at least two of the most difficult summits in the city of Phoenix, back to back – Piestewa Peak and Camelback Mountain. If all goes well we will add in hiking to the top of South Mountain and the total hike will be between 6-9 miles. We will need to leave early in the morning since the city regularly closes these trails at 11AM whenever there is an excessive heat warning. We are up for the challenge and will be bringing plenty of water!!!

We are grateful for your support at any level to help us reach our goal. We are hiking in honor and memory of those who have experienced life with addiction and have lost precious time of doing things with one another.

ABOUT 2022 Race for Recovery
Name Date Amount Comments
Barbara A EWING 08/09/2022 $50.00 Thank you Kim, for all that you do for PAL. This organization has been a Godsend for so many parents, including myself, of addicted loved ones. May you and Sean have great climbs.
Terri Alexander 08/07/2022 $100.00 Way to go Kim and Sean!!! Thanks for all that you do, and for being such special friends....Love you guys❤️
Anonymous Friend 08/07/2022 $130.00 Goal has been reached!
Danielle Jones 08/07/2022 $30.00  
Lisa Watson 08/06/2022 $100.00 Thank you Kim and Sean for all you do to fight addiction and bring hope to individuals, marriages and families!
Anonymous Friend 08/06/2022 $100.00 Live strong in the Lord!
Joe Klima 08/06/2022 $100.00  
Chance Meeks 08/05/2022 $100.00 Good luck, that's an intense hike!
Anonymous Friend 08/05/2022 $5.00  
Karen Rizk 08/05/2022 $50.00 thank you both for all you do in the arena of addiction.
PHYLLIS GOETTMAN 08/05/2022 $50.00 I Love PAL. This group has helped me so much. Sounds like a wonderful hike for you and your son. Love it!
Jacquelyn Mosher 08/05/2022 $50.00 You two are awesome!
Janet Reiman 08/04/2022 $50.00 You can do it!
Valerie Falkner 08/04/2022 $50.00  
Eric Hallgren 08/04/2022 $20.00  
Taylor Zeringue 08/04/2022 $5.00 Glad to support
Karen & Ted Leland 08/04/2022 $100.00 Kim and Sean, thank you for ALL that you do to support our community- we are so grateful for you and the role models that you are! ❤️
Cari Durre 08/04/2022 $20.00  
Richard Tegmeyer 08/04/2022 $20.00 Run Sean Run!!!
Jannan Burdon 08/04/2022 $50.00  
Art & Dinah Brooks 07/30/2022 $100.00 Sean and Kim, I wouldn't be surprised if you two decided to do North Mountain and Shaw Butte, too. Maybe Lookout while you're at it. You're heroes in our book for all the lives you touch every day, and how you make the world a better place. Blessings to you both. (Take plenty of water!)
Lauri Wingenroth 07/28/2022 $100.00 Thank you both for all that you do for those impacted by substance use disorder.
Michelle Humphrey 07/27/2022 $500.00 You both are an inspiration to me. Thank you for all of the work you do to help parents as well as those in our community who are battling substance use disorder!
Barbara Bond 07/18/2022 $200.00 Keep up the good work! I admire the work you do for the PAL organization and the support for parents and children. God Bless You!
  Total $2,080.00  
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