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Michael Murtaugh's Race for Recovery
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In typical fashion, “Murt” is shattering his goal of raising $20,000! Let’s see where this can go to help hurting families.

Race founder, Michael Murtaugh, fought addiction and personal issues for many years until he faced what challenged him and changed his life! Each year he commits to a challenge and does the hard work to conquer it. This year on August 7, 2022. Michael will be raising funds for PAL on his Race for Recovery, a 1.6 mile swim—no wetsuit and in shackles— in temperatures below 60 degrees in shark invested water! Will you support him with a donation?

How can you help?
1. Donate to support Murtaugh’s race.
2. Ask your friends and family to support him, too.
3. Share his Race for Recovery on social media.

Race for Recovery Beneficiary:
Donations to Murtaugh’s Race for Recovery will support PAL–Parents of Addicted Loved Ones, a nonprofit organization providing resources to families as they navigate their journey with an addicted loved one.

PAL thanks you and “Murt” (pastor and founder of Life Recovery Church, Cave Creek, AZ).

ABOUT 2022 Race for Recovery
Name Date Amount Comments
Jeff and Gina Ralston 08/09/2022 $100.00  
Robert Gotthardt 08/08/2022 $50.00 Good luck Michael, I know you have it. Thanks for all you do.
Dean Ziegler 08/08/2022 $100.00 Carla, you would have benefitted from hearing from this great man!
Sue Morris 08/07/2022 $25.00 Thak you for what you do.
Tim Houseal 08/06/2022 $50.00  
Matthew Gabos 08/06/2022 $100.00 Good luck Murt!
Scott Umble 08/06/2022 $200.00 In memory of my father; L.Nelson Umble Thank You Mike and team for all that you do for others. May God keep you in his care tomorrow and Bless you always! In His Love!
Tami Lisher 08/06/2022 $25.00 Old friend and proud of you Murt.
Tommy Bundra 08/06/2022 $150.00 Allentown blue collar strong and even prouder of my brother and don’t worry about shrinkage Mike it will all return to normal once your back in Stacy’s arms?☮️❤️??
Kathryn Matt 08/06/2022 $50.00 My prayers are with you! Class of 82
Paul Kersten 08/06/2022 $100.00 You are a true servant of Jesus! Thank you for all you do. Praying you have a great race, and you are used by Jesus to reach others during this event. Paul & Laura
Matt Rocco 08/05/2022 $500.00 Murt, it gives me goose bumps to see how God has used your past trials and tribulations so that you can be a mighty blessings to others. Keep fighting the good fight!
Joseph Rumpf 08/05/2022 $100.00 Great cause, happy to contribute. All the best to the participants. Go Murt ❤️??
Lisa Watson 08/05/2022 $100.00  
Sandee Brogan 08/05/2022 $50.00  
Matthew Anderson 08/05/2022 $150.00 Michael, my wife and I enjoyed meeting you this morning in San Francisco. Wishing you the best on the swim on Sunday. Thank you for what you do. Matt (Go Jackets!)
Sue Salyers 08/05/2022 $50.00 Thanks for all you do for those in our lives that are plagued with addiction and their families.. You are in my thoughts and prayers through this journey. Love Sue
Erick Krosky 08/03/2022 $100.00 Proud of the work you do Murt. Best of luck this weekend, God is with you and He’s got you. Erick
Sandy Katz 08/03/2022 $100.00 I’ll be praying for you. ❤️
Don Petz 08/03/2022 $200.00 40 years after Allen High and you keep showing what you CAN be. Quite an inspiration and no doubter for “most improved” classmate and friend.
Genifer Slaski 08/03/2022 $25.00 Thank you so much Murt for your friendship, prayers,strength, guidance, support, advice and love. You are the epitome of all that is good in this world. I KNOW GOD will be with you! ?♥️
Donna Scarpulla 08/02/2022 $400.00 You got this Mike! The best coach ever "Jesus" will be there right by your side as you do this race.
Thomas Woods 08/02/2022 $150.00 Michael, Can't wait to meet you Brother! Tommy
CRS Logistics, Inc. Scanlan 08/01/2022 $1,000.00 Michael, I wish you all the best in your race! You are an amazing Man. I’m proud to call you a friend .
Frank Gergits 07/30/2022 $500.00  
Karen Erthal-Altman 07/29/2022 $50.00 Thank you so much on behalf of myself & Christopher ? For all your doing, & too take time out of everything you have going on to be such a mentor is such a blessing to me , you have no idea. not to mention we are out of state. I see it making a difference already, Thank you? Wishing you luck on your race & raising money for such a good cause!! Be safe?
William & Barbara Hagan Fund 07/28/2022 $10,000.00 Roman’s 11.11 - Did God’s people stumble and fall beyond recovery? Of course not! Praise Jesus, we can and do recover. Prayers for you Michael and for PAL.
Lauri Wingenroth 07/28/2022 $50.00 Thank you for using your challenge to bring awareness to and support PAL. It makes a difference in many lives!
Armand Evangelista 07/28/2022 $500.00 Murt you are truly an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. You make people stronger and your willingness to help is truly remarkable. Armand
Lyn Koll 07/28/2022 $100.00 It is a pleasure to support your outreach to help so many find the Lord and break the chains of addiction.
Jill Suter 07/28/2022 $50.00 Wishing you a great race! Keep up the great work❤️
Kelly May 07/28/2022 $50.00  
Gordon Maybury 07/27/2022 $100.00  
Lisa Stout 07/27/2022 $50.00 Mike, Praying for your strength, safety, determination and success!❤️
Mike Abraham 07/26/2022 $1,000.00 Murt!! The gift that keeps on GIVING!! You become STRONGER with each passing day!! UPLIFTING those connected to you both near and far!! I don’t have enough lifetimes to THANK YOU for everything! It’s my HONOR to support you on your journey my FRIEND!
James Kreitler 07/26/2022 $50.00 Good luck Murt!
Mike Mehan 07/26/2022 $50.00 Good luck in your swim in the Bay. Thanks for all you do.
Keith & Karalyn Kenny 07/26/2022 $200.00 Thank you Mike for all that you do on behalf of others.
Greg Rose 07/24/2022 $500.00 Good luck brother!
John Wescoe 07/20/2022 $100.00 Thanks for all you do to help those in need. Have a safe race and GOD bless you.
Donna Rabenold 07/20/2022 $25.00  
Kara Mack Ralston 07/20/2022 $50.00 Go for it!! Thank you!!
Peter Kotowski 07/19/2022 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 07/19/2022 $100.00 Praying for you brother! ?‍♀️
Charlotte Christian 07/13/2022 $100.00 Bless you Michael and all those who need broken the chains of addiction !!
Michael Murtaugh 07/13/2022 $200.00 I ask for everyone’s Prayers for a Blessed , safe , enjoyable race and that all the swimmers are protected by GOD’S Angels and complete the race safely, Amen
Diana Rasar 07/13/2022 $300.00  
Kathy & Gary Robbins 07/13/2022 $200.00 You are a true inspiration to all who struggle with addiction. Bless you for being a beacon of light in so many lives. We will be praying for you on race day!
Connor and Ajla Murtaugh 07/13/2022 $125.00 I love you pops and good luck this year.
Chuck Kazmer 07/13/2022 $150.00 God Bless you Murt! You are an inspiration! All the best and good luck! Chuck
Gloria Valdez 07/12/2022 $100.00  
Dan Bundra 07/10/2022 $89.11 89 is for mike ditka of the cowboys and 11 is for micah parsons of the cowboys, both blue collar pennsylvania tough as murt dudes---those swim classes Dad sent you to are still paying off
Richard Fisher 07/07/2022 $200.00 Keep up the great work my friend!
Tim Maron 07/07/2022 $100.00  
The Holbrook Family 07/07/2022 $100.00 We love you Uncle Mike!!! prayers for a safe and successful race. May God bless your journey and a recipient with a life changing opportunity.
Lynn Hook 07/03/2022 $100.00 May you be filled with strength, endurance and joy as you safely complete your 6th Alcatraz swim!
Arlene Candella 07/02/2022 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 06/29/2022 $500.00 Good luck! You are an inspiration.
Robbie Stephens 06/29/2022 $500.00 I've supported you when you were doing crazy things I didn't agree with, now it is with great pride to support you doing crazy things to help others. God Bless you, good luck and thank you for helping those who are choosing to live a better life.
Michael Murtaugh 06/29/2022 $100.00 I ask you Dear Jesus for a Blessed Race. May your Angels protect , surround , provide joy , strength, endurance and completion for ALL those Racing on 8/7/22. I love you Jesus and need you , Amen Michael Patrick Murtaugh “ Murt “
Sue Theisen 06/28/2022 $25.00  
Cynthia Counts 06/27/2022 $25.00 Good luck from A-town!!
Robert Erie 06/23/2022 $50.00 Good Luck Murt!
Michael Murtaugh 06/23/2022 $100.00 It is such an incredible Blessing to have PAL on my side to help those who still struggle. I ask for your Prayers on Race day for a Blessed safe Race and that it’s filled with protection, joy , peace , endurance , strength and completion, Amen. Murt
Mike and Mary Burnidge 06/23/2022 $200.00  
Ronald Kurtz 06/23/2022 $100.00 Murt, you are a great crusader! Proud to know you !
Sharon Lappe 06/19/2022 $200.00 PAL was instrumental to saving my life - I was dying of a broken heart due to my adult son's addiction. I learned hope for myself and dignity for my son.
Michael Murtaugh 06/19/2022 $20.00 Thank You Jose from Southwest Airlines for your kind donation. It was great to meet you today on our flight to San Diego. Your new friend , Murt
Lisa Kunz 06/15/2022 $50.00 Thank you for all your prayers and support for Travis! Prayers for a safe and successful swim!
Connie Scholler 06/13/2022 $100.00 Michael, your upbeat positive attitude always put a smile on my face and you make our neighbourhood a brighter place. We’ll be there with you in spirit and cheering you on!! God bless you. ??❤️??
Roxanne Provence 06/11/2022 $300.00 Love you my faith stretcher friend. Praying that God will give you all the strength and endurance to finish the race with flying colors.
Stacey Murtaugh 06/07/2022 $100.00 Sending all the prayers for a blessed race!! I know you will do great and continue to give hope and help to those who need it! Love you!! ❤️
Joe Chipkar 06/07/2022 $100.00 You go Mike , your an inspiration to us all. Keep the faith ❤️
Daniel Carroll 06/07/2022 $100.00 God bless you Murt! Your work is making a difference!
Kim Humphrey 06/06/2022 $50.00 Go Mike! Im still working with my son Sean on what we plan to do this year - maybe next year we follow you ?
Tim Moore 06/05/2022 $25.00 Best of luck Michael. Great cause.
Debbie Swanson 06/05/2022 $100.00  
Bhim Mantha 06/03/2022 $50.00 Michael , what you are doing is amazing !
Anonymous Friend 06/03/2022 $50.00 May God continue to bless you and those you help to heal.
Ellen Hornacek 06/02/2022 $75.00 Thank you for honoring those who struggle with addiction. You are amazing and I so admire your strength and love
Adam Bellassai 06/02/2022 $100.00 Thank you for being you Murt!! The world needs more hero’s like you. Good luck and happy swimming you crazy man
Brandon Nelson 05/27/2022 $100.00 You are an inspiration and a true warrior Michael. It’s an honor to know you.
Dana Vander Waal 05/27/2022 $100.00  
Bridget Montemayor 05/26/2022 $100.00 Praising God for what he has placed on your heart to do. Praying for another successful event.
Robyn Boersma 05/26/2022 $250.00  
Michael Murtaugh 05/24/2022 $250.00 I ask you all for your Prayers. That GOD’S Angels will be with me during the Race. I ask that you Pray for the Blessings of safety, joy , strength , endurance and completion. Amen
WILLARD JONES 05/24/2022 $250.00 Mike Murtaugh---You are such an inspiration to us all. As a PAL, I am fully committed to you and your mission---Keep moving forward! God Bless. Sincerely, Bill Jones
Mosley Ogbanga 05/19/2022 $500.00 We will be Praying for you Pastor Mike for your safety , strength , joy and completion. Love Pastor Mosley
  Total $23,784.11  
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